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We perform maintenance work on furnaces, especially on vacuum heat treatment furnaces. We also take on various maintenance work ranging from detailed replacement of parts to maintenance of the hot zone, so the entire heating chamber. Especially with hot zones, we have an advantage of speedy and economical services due to our collaboration with Ipsen Co., Ltd., which mass-produces the correct standard parts.



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Equipment sales

Equipment sales

As an Ipsen's distributor, Metal Heat Engineering Co., Ltd. handles the entire lineup of Ipsen products, including vacuum heat treatment furnaces, gas soft nitriding furnaces, various atmosphere furnaces and the carburizing furnace.
Also, it is possible to observe working heat treatment furnaces at Ipsen's Chubu region showroom within Metal Heat Engineering Co., Ltd. So, please feel free to drop by (reservation required).

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Equipment sales
Inquiry Parts sales

Parts sales

We sell parts for customers who repair their own heat treatment furnaces. A sales quote will be made after clarifying the details, such as type of heat treatment furnace and specifications of the parts. Please feel free to consult with us.

Inquiry Second-hand equipment sales

equipment sales

We sell second-hand heat treatment furnaces.
Using our own network, we gather information on potential sellers and buyers of furnaces to facilitate sales between them.

Domestic and overseas equipment relocation services

Heat treatment
furnace relocation

We support relocations of heat treatment furnaces.
In case of a plant relocation, we handle the entire relocation process of heat treatment furnaces, including logistics, installation and startup.
We also accept independent logistics work when a
customer is selling a furnace.

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